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Independent Fashion Show

September 11, 2014 in Event, Fashion, featured Image

This Friday

Designers: Hector Maclean
Francesca Scott
Roxana Nastase

Make up artist: Fawziyah Matin and team:Pak Lam Sin, Katie Hiew, Cristina Da Silva,NooraAlmajid, Ivelina Nikolaeva Stoycheva.
Photographers: Kayleigh Buswell, Abigail Lynch.
Artist projector: Hilda Wijnhoud
Fashion artists: Terence Walton,Jamie Ashman.

Independent Fashion Show

September 9, 2014 in Event, Fashion, featured Image

Come and see the designers of the future!

Announcing Sylvia George

August 22, 2014 in Featured Artists, Performance

silvia george

TriSpace Gallery is pleased to announce that Sylvia George will be a part of our ongoing Pure Performance event!

Sylvia started singing when she was very little, participated in every single play at school, played in musicals and moved to London just to take singing classes and to pursue a career in music. She can’t imagine myself being anything but a musician.

Join us on Thursday August 28th at 10 pm to see her performance!

Announcing Nadia Mathys

August 21, 2014 in Featured Artists, Performance

nadia mathys


TriSpace Gallery is pleased to announce that Nadia Mathys will be apart of our ongoing Pure Performance event!

Nadia Mathys is an American artist who now calls London her home. She lived and trained in New York City for six years and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from The New School. Here she was fortunate to work with artists such as Wally Cardona, Keely Garfield, and Jill Johnson. Her choreography was selected to represent The New School at the American College Dance Festival in Pennsylvania. She has since earned her Masters degree from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.
Her work investigates the encounter in performance and the traces of the past that remain after the show is over. Her research looks at how documentation affects the ephemerality of performance and questions whether our memory can be considered a valid archive for performance. Re-Cycle was first performed during the Graduate School Showcase at Laban in July 2013.
Join us on August 25th at 6 pm to see her performance!

Announcing Miriam Kilpatrick

August 19, 2014 in Featured Artists, Performance

miriam kilpatrick

Trispace Gallery is pleased to announce that Miriam Kilpatrick will be joining us during our Pure Performance festival August 19th and 29th. As a performance artist Kilpatrick pieces are extreme but under embellished; by keeping the piece in its rawest form makes it relatable to anyone…

Kilpatrick will be performing the evening of the 29th of August at 8 pm. Come along to enjoy this performance!

Announcing Shadow 9

August 19, 2014 in Featured Artists, music, Performance

Shadow 9

TriSpace Gallery is pleased to announce that Shadow 9 will be a featured artist in our Pure Performance event!

Shadow 9 Drummer Also  known as Shadow Nine the “Ancient Future” is a Theatrical Acoustic And Digital Drum Percussionist and creative producer working with the arts of electronic sounds. He has been showcasing his talent at many events around U.K London such as:
Brixton Splash Festival , were he amazed thousands of people from the main stage, with his productions and live drumming, performing his E.P Ancient Future.
He Has performed at many more other events such as Live Expression, Meditation Energise UK Chelsea, Charlie Sloth bbc 1xtra at the Euphoriom Club, Lyrics Organix, Silhouettez in the dark, Eruption Open Mic,
Dark Sea Scrolls: Spoken Word Legacy, Get Familiar, Brixtown Sessions, Writer’s Block, Spirited Palace, I.N.S.P.I.R.E Showcase, Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity ,  Alzheimers Society Fundraising event.
Because of his striking image he has also been featured in music videos such as
SoSolid’s Swiss, Bad boys Remix Video featuring Blak Twang, Klashnekoff, Akala, Black the Ripper.
Jay the X Knowledge is power video directed by Sebastian from Upshot Entertainment.
Fuse ODG, 2012 Azonto Video that has been seen on M.T.V and B.E.T.
Join us at 9 pm on Wednesday August 20th to see his performance!

Back to glamour with “Burlesque & Sensual Arts 2″

August 15, 2014 in Bar, dance, Event, Exhibitions, Featured Artists, Film, music, Performance, poetry and spoken word, Uncategorized



proudly presents


This month featuring a bold line up of acts and exhibitions by :

•  Charles Thomson  •  Rizelle Molte  •  Daniel Ferreira Santos  •  Charlie Pi  •  Bill Saunders  •  Justin Piperger  •

This glamorous evening will be animated with Burlesque dancing, live music, video screenings and erotic poetry.
Join us on August 15th for a celebration of the sensual, the seductive and the downright sexy ! 


+ Ava Lurenne + Sky Keepers + Kyia Links + Immani Love + Sylvia George + Carlos Thomas +

On the Door Entry is £5.00

Did we mention the bar is open all evening too?



Announcing Sobia Zaidi

August 14, 2014 in Featured Artists, Performance


The TriSpace Gallery is pleased to announce that Sobia Zaidi will be a featured artist in our Pure Performance Festival August 19th-29th.

About Sobia:
“I am a performance artist from Pakistan. I recently did my MFA in Artistic Research from Utrecht School of Arts HKU, Netherlands. I am currently based in London and practicing art. My practice is socially engaged and most of the performances are participatory. I work with my body probably as a reaction to the idea of hiding a female body behind burqa or veil. I am mostly interested in the dynamics of connection and how an intense human connection changes the energy of space and what is does to the body. I am very passionate about the social gesturing and how our body changes and behaves in various situations, places, contexts and cultures.
I am also interested in the question of authorization and how the lines between art, life, artist and  audience are blurred.
About Performance
Title: I become your friend and you become mine lets innovate loneliness together
How many friends do you have? If you ask this question people would say 1,344 well thanks to facebook and other social networking sites where everyone is present everywhere but nowhere. Our physical tangible bodies are never present we are ghosts. Due to this demand of being present 24/7 we are so detached not just from ourselves but from the world. On social media, networking sites people are just writing and writing but there is no one who is reading. We all live in archives of images and words.
We are all busy projecting a busy, successful and fulfilled and happy image of ourselves on facebook. We are collecting friends like stamps and we spend more time talking to the people who are not physically present rather than people around us because we live in a world of virtual romance. Through this performance I dont mean to criticize, judge or make a statement but to let people experience the fragility of the promises made by technology and social media.”

Join us on Sunday August 24th at 5 pm to see her performance!

Announcing Robert Foster

August 14, 2014 in Featured Artists, Performance

Robert Foster


The TriSpace Gallery is pleased to announce that Robert Foster will be joining our Pure Performance event as a featured artist!

Robert Foster was born in 1989 in Wegberg, Germany. He studied at Manchester Metropolitan University, earning his bachelors in Fine Art in 2011. He lives and works in London, UK. Recent exhibitions include Monument, FRAC Basse-Normandie, France (2014), Ceri Hand Gallery Summer Fete, Ceri Hand Gallery, London (2013), and the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore (2013).

His artist statement for the piece he will be performing at our festival is as follows:

“I am interested in the tragi-comic, and the way it is possible to present the audience with a proposition that can be viewed as light-hearted, or something more sinister, in order to prompt questions of spectatorship. Frequently, work manifests itself as performances that focus on repeated actions and utilise a theatrical register, in an attempt to emphasise the tension between reality and representation inherent to these gestures. The outcomes are inspired by the Theatre Of The Absurd, and the dialectic of failure and improvement inherent to slapstick comedy.”

Join us on August 27th at 8 pm and again on August 28th at 7 pm to see his performance!

Announcing Sky Keepers

August 13, 2014 in Featured Artists, music, Performance

grab sk + rs 12 for twitter

The TriSpace Gallery is pleased to announce that the band Sky Keepers will be performing during our Pure Performance event.

Sky and her band have been gigging since 2010 when she founded the band Sky Keepers. The music is a mixture of Punk and Rock, and has been compared to The Velvet Underground, The Dandy Warhols, and Chrissie Hynde among others.  Sky is also a performance poet and playwright and has been performing poetry for more than twenty years, and has performed at the following venues; Roots and Shoots, Poetry on the Buses, Hyde Park, Torriano meeting place, The Poetry Cafe, The Ice House, The Carrot Cafe, Brixton Festival, Tate Britain and others. Her plays have been performed on the fringe to great acclaim. For the festival Sky will be playing some songs and reading poetry accompanied by her drummer and other band members who will play percussion and other instruments. The festival also coincides with the release of Sky Keepers’ first comic/zine which contains a free demo CD

(N.B. The comic/zine is a fanzine and is not meant for children as it contains inappropriate language for that age group)
Join us on August 22nd at 10:30 pm and August 26th at 6 pm to see their performance!