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TriSpace Print Fair

July 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

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30 July – 2 August

Printing implies reproduction whereas making implies innovation; hovering between these two points gives us a lot of scope in the subject. Printmaking is an extra ordinary broad and flexible medium which is constantly reviewing itself – endlessly inventive.

There are as many different ways of making prints as there are Artist’s making them.

Announcing Vdrey feat. Schultz

July 22, 2014 in Performance


Trispace Gallery is please to announce that Vdrey feat. Schultz will be performing during our Pure Performance Festival.

The performance they will be presenting was created at the end of 2013 and is a continuity of the performance « Lights Of » presented the year before.
This new creation is mixing for the first time traditional paint and light painting offering a new combination.

Since the beginning of their career, their art is totally improvised and inspired by the all things of life, of the world always in combination with the atmosphere of the venue where the performance take place. For this they used lot of things like live act painting, video, live industrial music, dance, light
painting for a never before seen work, and they don’t hesitate if they feel the needs to include unexpected things they find here or somewhere.

Vdrey feat. Scultz will be performing at 9:00 pm on the 29th of August.


Announcing Liz Zumin

July 19, 2014 in Performance

liz zumin

Trispace Gallery is pleased to announce that Liz Zumin will be joining us during out Pure Performance festival August 19th and 29th.

Liz Zumin is an interdisciplinary artist; her practice investigates themes surrounding the affective capacities of the body including voice hearing, suggestion and intuition. She is currently developing a poetic dialogue of gesture considering the immaterial body and the subtle movements that take place between presence and non-being. Her work has featured in exhibitions and festivals in the UK and Europe.

Zumin will be performing at 7:30 pm on Saturday the 23rd of August.

Announcing Christian Patracchini

July 17, 2014 in featured Image, Performance, Uncategorized

Christian Patracchini

Trispace Gallery is pleased to announce the performance artist Christian Patracchini will be offering a performance workshop during our Pure Performance event.

The workshop will be held on the 23rd of August, from 10:00am-1:00pm and then again from 2:00pm-6:00pm.

A new Pure Performance Festival to come (19th – 29th August)

July 5, 2014 in Bar, dance, Event, Exhibitions, featured Image, Film, music, Performance, Photography, poetry and spoken word, Uncategorized

From the 19th of August until the 29th, TriSpace gallery will present its second festival of artistic performances. It will be the occasion to meet some new artists and to rediscover our previous artists with their new performances.

More informations about the performances very soon!



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Our Big Gig: Lights Camera Action!!!

July 4, 2014 in Event, featured Image

16 – 24 Years Old Creative Arts Career Day

For Event click here

“Bringing Young People Together Through The Medium Of Creative Arts”.

MPLOYME is a social enterprise that is presenting Our Big Gig: Lights Camera Action at the renowned TriSpace Gallery. We are delighted to be a part of a nationwide event. Our aim is to bring together 16 – 24 years old who have an interest in a career within the Creative Arts industry. On the day our professional Workshop Facilitators will be providing FREE workshops in the following disciplines:

Song Writing
Dj-ing skills

Open Mic Night

Members of the general public will be invited to sign up and participate in the Open Mic Night from 6:30pm – 10pm. Participants will be able to showcase their work in our workshops on a supportive platform.

This is a FREE event for young people and service providers. Let’s enjoy our creative art together on the weekend of the World Cup.


Affordable Arts Exhibition Vol. XI

July 1, 2014 in Event, Exhibitions

TriSpace is welcoming the next addition of Affordable Arts Exhibition this July, 3 – 16

Private View from 6.00pm on the 3d of July 2014

The underlying philosophy behind the conception of Affordable Art Exhibition is to give patrons of art a wider platform to engage in buying high quality art works at reasonable prices. In addition to this it also gives upcoming artists an opportunity to showcase their talent at a very affordable price.

Something to suit every pocket! With all the work being originals, it gives not only the Artists a platform to begin on, but also a great opportunity for buyers to begin their collections.

The past Affordable Arts Exhibitions have seen international participation from many gifted artists, working cross platform. This year our endeavor is to make the exhibition even more successful through careful selection of art works and a pricing strategy that is fair and reasonable.

The Affordable Art Exhibition is open to new art collectors and art lovers alike.

imageParticipating Artists:

Hannah Pratt
Smaranda Sam
Antonella Raimondo
Paul Squire
Suzie Pindar
Anastasia Karandinou
Kim Yahya
Patrick Mandabva
John Hlatywayo
Trymore Sengai
Clara Sancho-Arroyo
Harry Lopez
Martial Durou
Evelyne Herbin
David Samuels
Angela Moreno
Peter D’Alessandri



TriSpace Print Fair

June 26, 2014 in Exhibitions, featured Image

print fairlatepreview
30 July – 2 August


Printing implies reproduction whereas making implies innovation; hovering between these two points gives us a lot of scope in the subject. Printmaking is an extra ordinary broad and flexible medium which is constantly reviewing itself – endlessly inventive.
There are as many different ways of making prints as there are Artist’s making them.







Sophie is coming to show some works and also original prints made for the artwork of the band Mumford and Sons, especially from the album “Love Your Ground”.



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In Madhvi’s style there is still the taste of an oriental style, but transmuting into a contemporary proto-futuristic vision, executed with the tradition of the woodblock. A reminder of a Nature…with hopes set up in the future…



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Maryam’s work has transformed from pure 2D Etching prints into mixed media installation work that question global warming and human implications that have accelerated climate change over the years.



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Inga is an experimenter. Through her style she would also test reality which would remain somehow suspended into the infinite sense of waiting for something to happen, to have an end, to become a result -to  be constructed.



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Sintija is soon showing works that would find expression and visualization into one and the same figure – combining in itself, all different traits at the same time, yet so harmonious as a construction of a  whole. As almost finding an “Absolute” word.



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George’s style is a ladder to reaching out easily the best memories and dreams a person could ever imagine of.  His technique links myth and truth all at the same time, leaving only the spectator to lean out where he would feel more comfortable and letting him choose his own way at looking at the world..whether real..or not.



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Antonela’s  ”detached” approach into the representation of life and vitality have the same characteristic as of signs in the air, left by someone’s gestures. She translates reality as how it is with no mediation, yet through a visual poetic combinations.



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How about Kelly and the entangled imaginary that would go beyond frames, boundaries and limits? Time and space accept no freedom, the concept would go round in a circle and it would be too limited and to specific…



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Lùcio has chosen some of his most powerful works, for the occasion. The works of the Brazilian artist are socially engaged to the latest and newest theme and preoccupation: The World Cup. Many political and social problems have arisen around this last event in Brazil and many manifestations took place to show the disapproval of the government’s decisions in regards the citizens, taxes and society as whole. These works were the actors of a manisfestation for this social occasion. Their previous and prime form was being a protest placards, used by the artist himself, during the protests in Brazil.



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Matt will be showing a series exploring into the meandres of contradictions where the authentic, the natural and the fake meet at the same place.



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Maxwell will be with us, exploring the world of branding, subvertising and consumerism. Old myths and legends through the eyes of the contemporary massive production of “goods”.



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Amazing prints by Donshi! You will be able to take the old and the new, the real and the fantastic, the kitchy and the classy, the east and the west at one amazing colourful breath!



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The op and quasi-mystical vision of Florence shown in her series, pulled “out from the fables and myths” only for us- to be found at the Print Fair!



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Matt will present some of his interesting and unusual linocuts speaking in language of contrasted colours and twisty shapes.



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Warrior Charge – Evening of Music

June 12, 2014 in Bar, Event, music, Performance

Perry Melius and Wayne Nunes have produced a fabulous body of work in their partnership of more than a decade. Now with Warrior Charge, they reveal the best of their musical experience, expertise, scope and inventive creativity. Having played with Tricky, Aswad, African Head Charge amongst many others, they decided to have their own creative outlet and form Warrior Charge.

Their first album No Foundation, No House was released in 2008 on Beat Records and they have just finished working on their new album which features David McAlmont, Cookie (Shapeshifters) and new singer Bea.

The music is experimental with elements of Indian, Reggae, Pop and Folk creating an alternative sound that is different from what is played today.

12th June 2014
19:00 – 23:30

An Exquisite Event: “Burlesque & Sensual Arts” – the 27th of June

June 6, 2014 in Bar, dance, Event, Exhibitions, featured Image, Film, music, Performance, Uncategorized

TriSpace gallery invites you to open your mind, unfasten your senses and join us in an unusual evening of extraordinary experiences on Friday the 27th June.

BURLESQUE AND SENSUAL ARTS NIGHT  is an exploration of a myriad of music, dance, art  and glamour. An interactive spectacle that meshes vintage elements with a modern twist.

Among the artists performing, you will meet the charismatic singer and songwriter Jay Hofman and his dancers, the fascinating video artists Carlos Thomas and Loulou Reloulou, and the graceful burlesque dancers Ava Lurenne, La Beti and Lady May Den-Voyage. Professional award winning Make-up artist Bobbi Bicker will be joining us to perform live body painting with a model.

The delightfully suggestive artists Ania Pawlik, Flora Bradwell, Piloro and Justin Piperger will open the show with an exhibition of their artwork, at 6pm. Widely acclaimed Stuckist artists Charles Thomson and Shelley Li are exhibiting specialised paintings for the occasion.

We are very excited about the event and we hope to see you all there!
Door price: £3.00