TriSpace Art Splash vol 1

Date(s) - 28/03/2014
6:00 pm - 11:30 pm
TriSpace Art Splash  vol 1

Art Splash is bringing a new way to exhibit your art professionally at a ticketed event potentially for free. On the 28th of March, new and established artists will have the opportunity to exhibit their works in the heart of South London with a Private View (ticket only) from you, the artist.

This is a great opportunity to promote your work in an exciting environment that will be tailored to the artists and their art work.

We want you to exhibit your work and entertain your guests.

You, the artist, control the tickets.

We want this experience to be designed  for the art being exhibited, so yes, we will need to asses your work so we can tailor the evening to suit the exhibition.


-Chosen artists will be given 5 mtrs approx of exhibition space and  20 tickets for  £140. These tickets can be sold in order to get your money back or given away, up to you! You can also share this space as you please with more artists and therefore, share costs.

-Chosen artists will be given 2mtrs approx of exhibition space and 10 tickets for 70 pounds. These tickets can be sold in order to get your money back or given away to your guests.
-Event time: 6.30 pm till late.


– Submission deadline is the 23th of March. We will accept joint exhibitors so you can share the costs, but you will have to share the space too.
– Tickets have to be bought and collected before the deadline date.
– All forms and info must be filled out and sent directly to the gallery via email. Please see email address below in order to request the application form and further details.
– Applicants must submit an example of their work to the gallery along with application form and a short bio (around 10 lines).  Additionally, let us know what music genre you would like for this event, (classical, jazz, folk, modern…), and also if you would like any entertainment or performance during the show.

To take part in the selection, send us your works submission with a CV/biography, videography and some still images (only for video artists), some samples of works in JPEG or PDF format (only for artists) via email to:

Participating Artists:

Jon Delgado – Artist Participating in Art Splash


Jon Delgado’s artworks take us on a magical journey in the natural world, represented through the artist’s imagination, reminiscences and very personal style.

For the artist, Essex’s countryside through the changing seasons is a treasure trove of beautiful harmonies and contrasts of colours, light and shade, but more than that and above all, a repository of childhood memories and family history. Inspiration is drawn from many sources – a careful observation of nature, the personal experience of walks through fields and woods – and from family photographs, video stills, found imagery and other ephemera.

Benjamin Terdik – Artist participating in Art Splash

hail to thee

Towards the Entirety

These illustrations are made to pay my tribute to one of my favourite poet and writer, Sandor Weores. He was a Hungarian artist, who gained my true respect with his collection of poems and novels, called “Towards the Entirety”.
His works showed me an incredibly deep and true world about respect, friendship, love, life and death, and the eternal fight of light and dark. He asked so many deep and true questions about who we are, where are we from, where are we headed, what can we do, how do we look at each other?
This works of mine are trying to catch Sandor’s world and show you a mirror about yourselves and the world around you.

Paul Wood – Artist Participating in Art Splash


I left SirGeorgeMonoux High School, Walthamstow in 1981 having gained qualifications in fine Art, Design and Ceramics and I also have qualification in computer aided design and 3D design.

I have developed my skills to design and complete a number of different artworks and projects, in different abstarctive styles, culminating in a gradual base of artwork that have been well accepted. I have a diverse skill range including sign writing, 3d work, pencil drawing, portaiture and design.

I am particulary interested in Abstarct work and I have had my artwork successfully selected for Essex Open Exhibitions in 2010 and 2012. I also exhibited my work in 2011 in the EssexOpenArtTrail held in Hadleigh, Essex. In 2013 I had been selected to Exhibit my work as a solo artist in Colchester as I did in 1997 in Southend Essex. My work was also selected to be exhibited at TIAF london 2013 where I was amongst 50 international established and emerging contemorary artists selected for this show.

I have established my own style and work with materials away from the norm. This has been a long experimental process where I use different methods to tease and entice paint to move locations upon the surface to achieve a balanced, colourful and flowing end result.



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