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Announcing Robert Hardaker

August 1, 2014 in Featured Artists, Performance

robert hardaker

TriSpace Gallery is proud to announce that Robert Hardaker will be a featured artist in our Pure Performance event from August 19th-29th.

Robert Hardaker is an artist and curator working in performance. Since graduating in Fine Art from De Montfort University in 2012, he has performed at platforms throughout the UK such as Little Wolf Parade and Circuit Festival and has undertaken several internships with emerging art groups in Leicester such as Two Queens and The Attic Art Collective. In 2013 he performed for Roger Hiorns’ “Youth” at The Hepworth. Currently he is devising new work for 2015.

His work is an extension of his self and projection of emotions onto an audience to explore and allow recollection of subconscious memory, real or imagined. Works are performed for extended periods, regardless of audience presence, implementing incremental changes that effect the mood of the piece; visually, through meaningful bodily action, but also appealing to other senses. Handmade costumes designed to hinder movement and hide or distort the body make the artist appear more animalistic than human and the bizarre use of everyday substances used out of context ritualise the seemingly random, futile acts portrayed.

Robert Hardaker will be performing Monday August 25th at 6:00 pm.

photo credit: Heather Forknell

Announcing Jamie H Scrutton

July 29, 2014 in Featured Artists, Performance

show 2
The TriSpace Gallery’s Pure Performance event is proud to announce:
UNPLUGGED – Live at The Trispace Gallery, London
Jamie is excited to debut his show “Unplugged – Live at The Trispace Gallery, London” during the pure performance festival. He has written 7 new comedic poems which explore the humor of everyday life. With verses such as “I’ve Fallen In Love With Mr. Muscle” and “Good Old PG Tips” this short intimate set will leave you speechless.
Me’ Mum’s New Vac
Good Old PG Tips
“I’ve Fallen In Love With Mr. Muscle”
The compliments end there
Puberty (Short Poetry Film)
Thanks to Eden Mobility
Me’ Personal “No! No!” Gadget
Me’ Beautiful Belvia Bra
This show is in support of his new short film “Good Old PG Tips.”
He will be performing Saturday August 23rd at 1:00 pm and again at 9:00 pm that evening.

Announcing Thomas Douglas

July 24, 2014 in Performance

thomas douglas

TriSpace Gallery is proud to announce that Thomas Douglas will be performing in our Pure Performance Festival from August 19th-29th.

Douglas provides a unique combination of sculpture and performance that culminates in a living sculpture. This provides communication between the artist and the viewer as well as the subject of his pieces, which is often the concept of the human form as an object. You can see Thomas’ portfolio here:

Douglas will be performing at 7:00pm on August 19th.

Announcing Bettina John

July 24, 2014 in Performance

Bettina John at Pure Performance

TriSpace Gallery is pleased to announce that Bettina John will be joining us during our Pure Performance Festival from August 19th-29th.

Bettina John’s practice focuses on visualizing multiple identities using performance and performance design, video and photography. Her fascination with online accounts and profiles and the potential these alternative identities hold, led her to create several Alter Egos. Based on mega-cities stereotypes, her Alter Egos cover a wide range of personalities, that she believes are her alternative selves. By choosing to let them speak through Twitter and Blogs, performances and music, she explores what this potential could become and how real it is.

Her subjects revolve around the art of dressing and image making, the discrepancy between image and the real. With her background in fashion design and later assistance work with artist and fashion designer Hussein Chalayan she created the fundament for a critical discourse on fashion and the consumerist world and which role the image plays within that. Her studies of New Media Art at Goldsmiths University gave her yet another angle on the subject matter. She works as an artist and performance designer in the UK, Germany, Brazil and the US.

Bettina will be performing Sunday August 24th at 8:00pm, and Thursday August 28th at 8:00pm.


TriSpace Print Fair

July 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

print fairlatepreview
30 July – 2 August

Printing implies reproduction whereas making implies innovation; hovering between these two points gives us a lot of scope in the subject. Printmaking is an extra ordinary broad and flexible medium which is constantly reviewing itself – endlessly inventive.

There are as many different ways of making prints as there are Artist’s making them.

Announcing Vdrey feat. Schultz

July 22, 2014 in Performance


Trispace Gallery is please to announce that Vdrey feat. Schultz will be performing during our Pure Performance Festival.

The performance they will be presenting was created at the end of 2013 and is a continuity of the performance « Lights Of » presented the year before.
This new creation is mixing for the first time traditional paint and light painting offering a new combination.

Since the beginning of their career, their art is totally improvised and inspired by the all things of life, of the world always in combination with the atmosphere of the venue where the performance take place. For this they used lot of things like live act painting, video, live industrial music, dance, light
painting for a never before seen work, and they don’t hesitate if they feel the needs to include unexpected things they find here or somewhere.

Vdrey feat. Scultz will be performing at 9:00 pm on the 29th of August.


Announcing Liz Zumin

July 19, 2014 in Performance

liz zumin

Trispace Gallery is pleased to announce that Liz Zumin will be joining us during out Pure Performance festival August 19th and 29th.

Liz Zumin is an interdisciplinary artist; her practice investigates themes surrounding the affective capacities of the body including voice hearing, suggestion and intuition. She is currently developing a poetic dialogue of gesture considering the immaterial body and the subtle movements that take place between presence and non-being. Her work has featured in exhibitions and festivals in the UK and Europe.

Zumin will be performing at 7:30 pm on Saturday the 23rd of August.

Announcing Christian Patracchini

July 17, 2014 in featured Image, Performance, Uncategorized

Christian Patracchini

Trispace Gallery is pleased to announce the performance artist Christian Patracchini will be offering a performance workshop during our Pure Performance event.

The workshop will be held on the 23rd of August, from 10:00am-1:00pm and then again from 2:00pm-6:00pm.

A new Pure Performance Festival to come (19th – 29th August)

July 5, 2014 in Bar, dance, Event, Exhibitions, featured Image, Film, music, Performance, Photography, poetry and spoken word, Uncategorized

From the 19th of August until the 29th, TriSpace gallery will present its second festival of artistic performances. It will be the occasion to meet some new artists and to rediscover our previous artists with their new performances.

More informations about the performances very soon!



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Our Big Gig: Lights Camera Action!!!

July 4, 2014 in Event, featured Image

16 – 24 Years Old Creative Arts Career Day

For Event click here

“Bringing Young People Together Through The Medium Of Creative Arts”.

MPLOYME is a social enterprise that is presenting Our Big Gig: Lights Camera Action at the renowned TriSpace Gallery. We are delighted to be a part of a nationwide event. Our aim is to bring together 16 – 24 years old who have an interest in a career within the Creative Arts industry. On the day our professional Workshop Facilitators will be providing FREE workshops in the following disciplines:

Song Writing
Dj-ing skills

Open Mic Night

Members of the general public will be invited to sign up and participate in the Open Mic Night from 6:30pm – 10pm. Participants will be able to showcase their work in our workshops on a supportive platform.

This is a FREE event for young people and service providers. Let’s enjoy our creative art together on the weekend of the World Cup.